Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Break, Get Back to Work!

So I have everything for my show basically finalized, which is really exciting and kind of takes a bit of the pressure off. However... I have to have all of my work finished and ready to hang by March 31st!!!! Which is soon approaching!! Thankfully I am bringing a piece back from home that is partially done so I will have 6 pieces that are in the works. I got the dimensions from the art director of the common cup as well so I will be doing those measurements soon and visit the site upon arrival back in ann arbor to get a real feel for the space. I am really anxious to see how everything turns out and am glad that I am having my show on Saturday the 14th rather than Friday the 13th with everyone else so I can see their shows and hopefully people will come to mine as well. This year seems honestly like it has just begun and now it is coming to a close. I really need to work on my thesis as well, which I have been tinkering with here and there and have had Miss Spencer help me with! I'm really hoping that everything comes together, I've gotten a real sense of my work I think and have really hoenstly decided that things fall into place, and that is what my work is about, or at least what is has become about. Aesthetics, process, frustrations working themselves out through exploration and experimentation. I'm hoping that everything turns out for the best, and we'll just have to see :)

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  1. Hey Erica,

    This is a great revelation. Look back through the blog titles on your posts... you've certainly pushed through a lot of frustration. It's so easy to forget how inevitable frustration is. That's great. You should upload some pictures (just to make it all full circle!) of your post-frustration revelations on your paintings! Or the parts that you feel you worked through.