Tuesday, September 27, 2011

David Maisel

I've begun to think about different artists and why I enjoy their work. I was looking through Katie Barrie's blog (I spent about 2 hours today looking through old blogs) and found David Maisel's work. I remember his stamps lecture from last year and how much I enjoyed it. The repetition of shapes and the magnificent color relations are what I find most appealing.

The saturation is something that I really try to accomplish in my paintings and what I find so amazing about these photographs because the feel like paintings. When I saw the stamps lecture I even thought these were paintings then realized they were photographs from an ariel view.

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Painting

I'm sticking with the theme of working with old paintings, and painting over them though this new painting has a different under painting. It is a board that was covered with cut up square pieces of canvas about 1 inch by 1 inch covering the canvas. It was a self-portrait from high school that I really ended up not liking and have had tucked away back at my house in St. Louis. I really enjoy the texture that is created, but the content really isn't working. So I've taken it to explore different textures juxtaposed and how they create a new way of thinking. These new smaller pieces are more of preliminary sketches in a way for me, getting myself caught back up to mixing colors and also trying out new colors. Here is a photo of the piece before I have painted on it. I came in on Sunday at worked on it for about 2 hours. It is a green piece now, I'll put up pictures soon.

These are also works that start to explore texture. These are more that were done during this past summer and were painted over original pieces as well.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photographs of work from Summer 2011


So, I finally got more studio space supplied to me aka the studio across from me for painting purposes! I'm really excited to get working, and start producing as much work as possible. I added the texture to my first project. It's still not done, but it's in the process. I'll be putting picture up soon. I worked on this for about 2 hours yesterday, but I want to spend more time mixing to my next piece. I felt a little rushed and overwhelmed since I didn't have a legit space yet to be getting work done. It's easier for me to really get into a piece if I'm able to spread out, and really pull away to see what it looks like from all angles along with distances. I feel fully confident that I will be able to produce a lot of work in this space. I also brought up a few more canvases from my storage unit so I'll be able to start cranking some more out. I'd like to go get some lumber soon and being to make some larger frames. I believe the smaller pieces might be studies depending on orientation and size of the work to come. We'll see, it's all becoming a learning experience. I'm so excited though to have this space! You have no idea!!!

I also have a meeting on sunday with the owner of this coffeehouse called the Common Cup to discuss possible space to display works next summer or possibly now on sunday. I'm pretty excited. I also got one of my pieces in a show back in a gallery called Art Saint Louis located in downtown St. Louis back home. I'll be returning home to bring the work to the gallery over fall break so I'm pretty excited. Here is that piece. (It is 30X40)

This is also the type of work that I have been trying to explain during IP discussions. I'm not sure I have articulated myself very well to people in class, but hopefully this will give people a real idea of what I am thinking of doing for my thesis. I'm hoping to be able to express myself better through out the year and be able to understand my fascination with these oblong shapes.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9/20/11 Thoughts

So, I've already begun my process and this first piece is in it's beginning stages. I believe I am going to make this into a triptych. The underpainting of this new piece was a triptych to begin with, arranged in a non-traditional way. Using vertical and horizontal orientation. I think so this piece I'm going to use the same canvas's and arrange them in a sequence of vertical's. I'm not sure if this idea will stick because I'm still debating. I have been learning a lot in my color class about the way hues change when placed overtop of ground's with different intensities which I believe will help me in my painting. I brought some more paintings in from storage yesterday and will be going through those to see which ones I would like to use or keep. I still need to get my bigger canvas's out of storage but they are sort of buried at the moment. :)
Here is a photo of the piece I am currently working on painting over:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Beginning

This is the beginning of what I hope to be a fulfilling process of my senior thesis. I am thrilled to finally get to do work that really resonates with me, and allows me to be as creative and in control as I can be. I have been waiting for this opportunity for three years now and am so excited to embark on the journey. I will be starting a painting this week and will be posting updates, both visual and writing material within the next few days. Well... Here we go!!

Also, for my first inspiration name drop, I want to say that this artist, Liz Wolfe, really fascinates me. I love her use of color in her photography, along with the whimsical aspect of her subject matter. Some of the work is a bit bizarre and at some points scary, but it really intrigues me for some reason. The way in which she combines materials, or elements that would otherwise never be put together is what I think draws my attention. I really like her use of octopus with other materials. The texture and color is just amazing!!